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About Snap & Shop

As a Mom of 2 active daughters, I always have a child in tow when I run my errands. When my youngest starting sitting up by herself I was excited to have her face to face with me in the shopping cart while we shopped. Inevitably, she would snack while we were shopping. I was tired of constantly feeding her tomatoes, bananas, cereal, blueberries, etc and having most of them land on the floor of the store or covering the shopping cart cover. When I searched the current options on the market I couldn’t find anything that would meet my needs. I decided to create something myself not just for me but for every parent out there who experiences the struggles that come with taking children shopping.

Through my product's creation, I have been able to learn so much and work with some amazing experts in graphics, prototyping, manufacturing, marketing, IP drafting, legal, and media production.   I have had the chance to help create and be part of all the ins and outs of making a great product.

My goal is to establish an ever-growing brand to make shopping with children easier for every parent out there!

Happy Shopping!

Julie & Family


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